Paramedics are emergency medical technicians or paramedic nurses who are registered nurses who assist hospitals in providing comprehensive healthcare services to their patients. A paramedic nurse could be an individual who has gone through training as a nurse, or it could be a person who has completed a two-year course in Paramedic Service. These courses are offered by colleges and various organizations. The course lasts for one year and is usually limited to a duration of 160 hours. Paramedics also receive an examination from the National Association for Paramedic Nurses, which qualifies them for registration as a paramedic.


There are three levels of certification for paramedics. Registered Paramedic nurses (RNs) are trained to administer IV fluids and to assist critically ill patients. Certified paramedics (CPRs) are trained for providing basic first aid and can also administer resuscitation to the patient. Paramedics who have graduated from a certified course are allowed to call themselves “Paramedic 1” and are eligible to apply for state certification.

There are several reasons why the job of paramedics is in high demand. One reason is that, compared to other medical professionals, paramedics are highly skilled and well-trained in their field. Paramedics are able to work on any emergency and any kind of situation. This makes them valuable resources for hospitals, clinics and independent organizations that depend on rapid response to emergency situations.

Paramedics work closely with doctors and nurses and are extremely important for providing emergency treatment to seriously ill patients. As a paramedic, you would be the first person to reach the patient once he has been stabilized. You would take over the responsibility of looking after his basic needs such as bedding, food and clothing. As an emergency medical technician or paramedic, you would also handle his personal hygiene. And finally, as a paramedic, you would work under huge supervision of doctors and other medical staff members.

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The emergency medical technician’s job description involves performing a wide variety of tasks related to the administration of emergency medicine. Some of the most important duties of an emergency medical technician include performing a variety of functions such as collecting expired urine samples and blood samples, performing advanced life support procedures such as CPR, conducting a physical exam, obtaining vital signs, monitoring the patient’s vital signs and reporting any changes in the patient’s medical condition. Emergency medical technicians also prepare various forms of EMT forms including AEDs and hospital emergency kits. They also conduct routine tasks such as setting up the emergency room, transporting the patient to the hospital, preparing the patient’s medical records, gathering the necessary information about the patient, greeting the patient, removing sutures and making necessary phone calls. All of these activities are carried out by an emergency medical technician without the direct contact with the patient.

Paramedic certification is a process wherein aspiring emergency medical technicians are taught and trained about a number of emergency rescue and treatment procedures that take place under different conditions. This course helps emergency medical technicians to effectively assess the medical situation of patients and decide the best way to respond to the situation. Paramedic training does not only involve theory but practical applications as well. Thus, the students are taught how to quickly perform tasks that require immense physical strength, proper body mechanics, and medical know-how.

Aside from gaining knowledge, emergency medical technicians are also taught how to use an apparatus such as an automated external defibrillator or AED. A typical AED consists of a pump, a battery pack, a generator, and a control panel. In addition to this, the machine requires eight to ten pounds of batteries in order to work. As mentioned above, a typical AED is usually used in hospitals or serious accidents where life-saving measures are required. If you want to become certified as an EMT, then you must complete nremt training.

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Paramedic training usually takes about two years. Upon completion, you will receive a Paramedic Operating Room Order, which is your license to operate an EMT. The license enables you to enter into the business as a paramedic. However, you may have to undergo additional training if you want to be certified as an Emergency Medical Technologist (EMT). Upon completion of the Paramedic Certification Exam, you will gain immediate employment as an EMT and will be qualified to work wherever the EMTs are assigned.

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